Best Fall Soups (5th Edition)

It actually cooled down in L.A. and I found just the soup to warm you right up! Well, technically it's not a soup, but it's close enough. A vegetarian, protein-packed chili that you can enjoy guilt-free. Sounds like heaven? I think so too!

Quinoa Chili

This recipe is so easy to make and fills you up for hours. You can also easily customize it or even make it non-vegetarian and add beef if you so desire. I like to serve it with a spoonful of Greek yogurt on top and half an avocado. You can also add cheese or use sour cream, but I prefer the Greek yogurt option since it's low in fat and adds a bunch of protein. 

So get cooking and make yourself a steaming bowl of chili for the weekend! Full recipe and instructions at DamnDelicious

Tanja Djelevic