Week 6 (10 Week Coaching Program) Rest and Relaxation

Did you know that ANY kind of systematic recovery will increase your chances of Progress and Success within any physical, Spiritual and Emotional realm? Time to SLOW DOWN some, ya diiig? When you train uberhard, the rest and recovery is what keeps you whole, effective and pain free. When you have a stressful job or life, what can give you relief and new energy is Mediation and Systematic Breathing. For this week, just chiiiiiill….

For Your Body: Foam Roll. Stretch. Rest. Massage. Sleep.

For your Head: Meditate 5-10 minutes per day.

For your Heart: Use this Breathing exercise: Take a relaxing promenade. Try to find an even rhythm and focus on how you place down your feet; the heal, soul of the foot and then the toes. Now repeat. Be aware of your breathing and let your thoughts come and go. Fill your lugns with new oxygen and feel how you slowly getting calmer and calmer.

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Relax and enjoy!


Tanja Djelevic