December Disconnect to Connect

There is so much about the Holiday season and end of year that is absolutely gorgeous and unique! But how the F are w going to be able to enjoy that, if we are running around like chickens with the head cut off? Get holiday gifts (but also enjoy the gift of peace)! Go to all work holiday parties (but also enjoy the peace of solitude)! Have a holiday bake off (but also enjoy healthy holiday snacks)! I mean WE ARE ONLY HUMAN, and this will just not cut it. Something's gotta give people! 

I want URGE you to give yourself permission to disconnect to connect. To really enjoy the fact that we've lived through a whole year, had new meetings with other amazing (and maybe not so amazing) humans, rejoicing that a new beginning is close. In a busy day-to-day life, which clearly is exacerbated during the holidays, we stay on the surface of everything because there is simply NO time to dig deep and feel, smell, listen, touch and taste ANYTHING. Every single little thing on the holiday list is rushed and barely touched with love. In fact, taking the time dig deep in one or two simple areas, will give enough love and peace to radiate and generate more. The gift that keeps on giving: Love, Attention, Intention, Savoring. Now doesn't that sound like something you want? 

Try this please. For a moment of the day, or a whole week. Maybe the entire month of December? How ever much or little you try, it will generate and radiate love and joy. And sometimes, it won't even transfer to people around you who are used to an equally fast pace, media soaked, overly busy bee every day life, and that's ok. I promise you, that if you have the deepest intent to move forward, it will bring magic to you and your loved ones.

Your new holiday to-do list:


It can also incorporate these easy tasks for relief

  • Have media free Sundays throughout entire December

  • Make some of your holidays gifts and experience. Give the gift of a interpretive dancing with the family. You will get the evil eye at first, but laughter after 10 minutes of interpretive dancing in the living room, is not a bad side effect!

  • Say no to baking. Its ok this year.
  • Go to 50% of the parties you're invited to.  For the other 50% spend tea time with people you love, and ask them about what was good with 2017, and exciting in 2018?
  • Say NO with a smile. It's still going to be hard to say "no", trust me. 

The goal is to create so much space that you tap back into the ability to connect. If you're anything like me, and chances are that were similar die to just being Human, I drop the ball on this ALL the time. The fact remains that we're not looking to be perfect, we're just gently reminding ourselves of our humanity, and how hugely amazing we are shaped and formed to be able to feel, think, enjoy, savor, and decide. You have more wealth than any money can ever buy. Right there inside of your skin! Now go try some of it. Come on...we don't have all day...HURRY UP!!

Live Loud!

Tanja Djelevic