Birthday Tips - Party it up the right way!

I can't believe that my birthday is around the corner!! A year goes so fast, but as spoiled as I feel with how my life is right now, I do remember how the hardest times of my life have felt like the thickest darkness moving forward at the slowest pace. I guess this is something that happens with moving into a deep and sultry (yes I said it) sense of myself, saying no to more and yes to much more. More of me. The past year has taught me a lot: Love is really real. Its true. The love that happens when you dare to be unapologetically yourself. Then: when you stop to Facebook and TV, there is time for connection, photography, books (!!!), sex, freedom. I've found myself having a HARD time even doing my social media bits, but since I really want to stay connected to you, its worth all the Instagram I can do. Time: who made that shit up? Living as if I'm time-less makes me feel so free. I'm truly creating the Lifeforce I need to suck the juice out of this life. If you want to get inspired and be a part of creating your own Lifeforce, hang with me (and some friends) on these two retreats:

Mallorca with Womens Health (Swedish speaking! Use code F&F for a big discount) More info and booking HERE!

Barcelona with Maria Söderholm (booking closes March 10!) More info and booking HERE!

And now on to really important stuff - 

10 Lifeforce Tips for a Loud and Proud BDAY!

1. Eat cake for breakfast. I don't care what kind, but cake spells birthday.

2. Visualize what you want for yourself in this new year.

3. Read anything by Fredrik Backman. Just do it.

4. Some more cake.

5. Ooze love. Go overboard. 

6. Stand up for something!

7. Take yourself on a date. Massage? Candle light dinner? Jump out of a plane?

8. Meditate 

9. Receive love. Go overboard.

10. Celebrate the amazing creature being that is you. 

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Aquarians!

Tanja Djelevic