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By now the January craze of getting into the gym to stick to that NY resolution has started dying down. I mean, lets face it: it starts with a lot of enthusiasm! And then it goes softly down hill from there. At some point you might find yourself in a place where you just want to give up again and GET that QUICK FIX you know you can always reach for, to get RESULTS. After all, Instagram always militaristically yells RESULTS in your face: no matter what it is that you're really in need of. I agree to the fact that I don't want to necessarily waste time, or even worse, do anything that is damaging to the body, but in the jungle of something that is supposed to be HEALTH COACHING, we sort of come out on the other side less informed and more frustrated. So what can we do to change that? First off, I want to make a few statements that will clarify your vision. I mean, hopefully!

1. Health is to you, what YOU define it as. Not what someone decides for you. If you want to be moderately healthy for everyday living, then you should! No-one needs to tell you that you need to be an athlete. 

2. Information in media is most of the time misleading, because what media is talking about is taken out of context and without the reasoning behind WHY you're told to do this. Find REAL information which applies to YOU.

3. There is not BEST WORKOUT.

4. Judge any information by your own knowledge base. Learn. When you know better, you do better,.

If you take some time asking these questions, they might get you closer to your goals.

1. What is your short term goal with your health and fitness? Long term goal?

2. Why is the process to get there worth it? Can you invest the time, money and dedication it takes you to get there?

3. Why is this important to you right now?

Whether the answers to these questions touch on a long term problem, and a desire to make a long lasting change, or if the answers are only a short term fix, that answer will guide you in the right direction of resources you need to use. For instance: if you are looking for a long term change, it might be worth it to invest in a health coach who has a long education, and is more than just a physical trainer. Maybe you even need several practitioners to get on the right track. It's a greater time and money investment, but also a longer lasting effect!

If you're getting married in 6 months and you're pretty good with food and exercise but you just want to get those few last lbs off, maybe joining a training studio such as Orange Theory or using iPhone Apps for training. The investment in time and money is lesser, and most likely the short term goal will be met, followed by a gradual going back to the same lifestyle you did before that wedding. Thats OK too!! It's all up to you! As long as you DON'T expect a longterm change from a short term resource, you're on the right path.

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