Post Mallorca Retreat Rant

I'm finally back from the wellness retreat in Mallorca, hosted by Springtime Travel and Womens Health Sweden, that I have the privilege to be writing for. The second installment of our Lifestyle retreat dished up a feast of high level yoga and fitness, adventures and fun times for the 55 participants and us 6 coaches and lecturers. In my jet lag haze, I managed to actually have the best time and fill my cup to the brim!

I feel that there is not better way to get inspired and get a proper kick start thank to go on a wellness retreat! Traveling is fun, but for a lot of the girls that cane to the retreat, it was a relief to come alone and make new friends. There was also a healthy amount of fitness classes to partake, but also tons of free time to explore the island. 

I love to team teach, and this yearly trip with Women Health;th is something I always look forward too, but I also have the grey opportunity to host my own Lifeforce trips. The next one will be going to Santorini in Greece! Don't miss the info when it comes out, and also the sign up for the retreat. Sign up for the blog and newsletter below!

Live loud and hope to see you in Greece!

Tanja Djelevic