Sweat For Your Brain!

I'm currently reading "The Real Happy Pill" by Swedish author Anders Hansen, a fascinating book on the effects of training on the brain. I stumbled upon this easily delivered, scientifically based book through my old publisher. Although it starts of pretty light weight, with studies we have all taken part of, it keeps delivering one truth after the next from the last 15 years of studies on how exercise affects the brain. It basically states that we can help regenerate brain cells, fight depression, delay dementia, all from new fresh data. It is only 260 pages long, so even if you are NOT a book worm, you can make it through and come out on the other side feeling refreshed by knowing that you're putting your sweat capacity to the test for the sake of your brain! Anders makes the following claims:

-Cardio vascular training is essential for brain health. 20-30 min a day, five days a week, vigorous training! 

-A brisk walk is the BEST medicine against dementia

-We increase brain efficiency with exercise

-Creativity peaks up to 2 hours after exercise

-A workout per day is equally effective as prozac for milder forms of depression. And it comes with fewer side effects.

I don't know about you, but even though I love to move as it makes me feel endlessly better, the prospect that my brain is having a birthday every time I workout is just all the motivation I need. That and having a cute butt. Of course!!

Live Loud!



Tanja Djelevic