Food Is Life

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So often I feel that the nutrition crazes make us treat food as an enemy and ourselves as someone who needs to be punished. Either we can't make a good life for ourselves if we only fall into the pleasure eating, or we miss out on any joy and pleasure by treating food the absolute opposite way. Can we strike a balance? Is there a mindset change that we can make, to feel like food really is joy? I mean who doesn't like to indulge in creamy scrumptious chocolate, without the feeling of gilt, or my favorite, potato chips? Or the opposite, does "healthy" food HAVE to be boring and uneventful? 

Let's explore! In his inspirational presentation, a great practitioner and Swedish friend of mine, Oscar Jöback,  suggested that instead of thinking of new things, hard things, and surprising things as something dreary, dark and difficult to do, we can train our mind to be curious by planting the thought of how interesting it could be instead. I think this is a great approach to life in general, but especially when it comes to food. If we by choice or necessity have to create a food plan that is on the organic, balanced and healthy spectrum, maybe we can set off time to learn how to cook tasty and  healthy foods! Everything worth gaining, has a price, and here the price is to prioritize and take the time. Another useful approach is to explore new fruits, meats and vegetables. If you're a meat eater, have you ever tasted buffalo? 

After finishing my new certification from Precision Nutrition, I've acquired new perspectives on how food really can become a part of our Lifeforce, and not just a meal plan, which usually in the end, fails. I really love a few of their staple points of view and skills to learn:

  • Calorie counting doesn't really work: Imagine easier ways to keep track of amounts of food and learning about that. Amazing!
  • Giving back to Mother Earth: Where does our food come from? What can we do to eat sustainably well, and give back to Gaia? Food is more than just filling the hunger hole!
  • How and what we eat is guided by chemicals, needs and behavior: We can learn about ourselves and create a feeling around food which can actually make us feel satisfied and healthy

This and so much more is something all of us struggle with at some point. I don't think we have to! I you want to make a change in the way you feel around food and food behavior, maybe a good place to begin is to approach from a curious perspective: how does the body work when I eat? What is considered healthy fro me specifically? Can I simplify the process around food and eating? 


Also, if you need any help with this, please contact me HERE! I will be doing personal nutritional coaching on distance and locally here in LA starting Oct 1. 

Tanja Djelevic