It's Never Too Late To Start Your #dailyfix

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I believe you can always start fresh and create the life and energy you wish for! And what better day to start than June 1st?! Of course, it's easier said than done, but this is where I come in. I’d like to help you create some new energy, new feel good, new Lifeforce! I’d like you to be able to share your gifts with the world, from the best version of yourself, or if you’re having a really bad (shit) day, just get through it in one piece.

So how do we do this? The #dailyfix are bite size daily actions involving your thoughts, breath and the movement of your body. I want you to repeat them, because we all know repetition and consistency is key to creating a habit and making a change. The thing about this #fix, is that it will to create a GOOD habit. For the next 12 weeks we’ll be creating Lifeforce. I’ll give you tools, moves and tips. All you have to do is take your #dailyfix!

The entire 12 Week Program is now available FOR FREE on my YouTube Channel. To get an idea of what I'm talking about, watch my Intro Video below and have a look at the different weekly playlist. 

Let's do this!


Tanja Djelevic