Want me to be you wellness coach? Don't live here? No problem!


Most of the time, to have great results, it's necessary to have a program that fits your unique needs. My job has for the past 15 years been to assess personal needs and create an every day wellness program that's just for you! Together we take the time to figure it out, and then I'm with you on your journey to Creating Lifeforce. You can also get a few friends together and go on the journey with them. As a small group. And here is the best part: we can do it all from a distance! Please send me a message HERE to find out more!

Maybe your journey to a healthier wealthier daily life can look like this:

  • Send me an email or simply message me HERE

  • Assess and create together
  • Weekly workouts, live check ins, and support
  • Lazy days
  • Back at it
  • Power days
  • Back at it
  • Grand finale visit to LA for a live coaching weekend!

Sound fun?

Let me know what you think!

Live Loud!


Tanja Djelevic