What should I eat?

That's a question I get from my clients and students ALL the time. No wonder we feel confused by all the information that's out there! Between the next best diet, and "scientifically proven" ways to eat, we are at best pretty lost. 

A good place to begin figuring this out is to set a goal. What am I changing the way I eat for? It can be weight loss, a lot of a little. It can be athletic performance, or merely to create a cleaner, healthier lifestyle all round, that is sustainable all year. 

That goal will dictate what you should eat! It is never a one size fits all approach, but rather: you're so much an individual on every level, that everything should be customized. 

I've been working with Precision Nutrition for many years now and I love their easily accessible approach to food and fitness. Check out their brilliant infographic on how to approach and decode what you should be eating!

Tanja Djelevic