Change Takes TIME (and that sort of makes me oddly happy)

Photo: Kitty Lingmerth

Change takes time.

It is one of the hardest things to teach, especially of course in the industry of quick fixes and stress management tools for the over stressed. Over stressed because the life is filled with quick fixes. The business of selling something that takes time to create, is full of waiting, impatience and frustration. The business of DOING something that takes time to create, is full of waiting, impatience and frustration.

I want it. I got it. I need it. I buy it.

Not so much.

Anyone who has been on a rigid diet plan knows this!

The transformation that happens mind-body-soul, is gratifying this way: all the things you think you want in the beginning of that journey, you will have! Ironically enough, if you take the time to go on that long winded journey. Ripped abs and sweaty, sexy bodies sell a LOT of products, but usually the objects in the picture have spent a life time and obsessive amounts of time looking like that.

I think it’s time to really re think the motivation for that six pack.

Lets say you’re the person who has struggled who has been struggling for a decade or more, to create life force including proper healthy nutrition, a proper movement regiment, mental health regiment, a three week program will (i’m sad to say) not change your ways at the snap of the three week fingers. Fixing these behaviors with a fad diet, or the “best” WOD, is like expecting a band aid fix your broken leg.

That leg needs to heal from the inside and out, it needs rehab, it needs love and care, it needs work and rest and it needs t i m e.

The good news is that the actual take away from creating progressive 12 month programming, that tends to your mind, body and soul is that what effort you decide to put into the task at hand you WILL get out of it. To change the behaviors and triggers that move us in the direction of our reactive behaviors, take time to change.

Finding an appropriate and progressive movement practice that fits YOU is a part of this journey.

Creating nutritional habits that are both healthy and indulgent sometimes, is a BIG part of this journey.

Creating mind and heart protocols that a supportive, loving, sustainable and yes SEXY, is definitely a part of this journey.

But WAIT a minute: this sounds like something else than getting a quick fix at at the local cross fit box! It’s actually crafting your LIFE.

Personally, I find the sexiest part of that being that there is room for good and bad days in this long term self care journey. There is time for enjoyment and discipline. There is time for frustration and success! There is time for human connection, treats, feelings, and ripped abs.

Create a life you love, moment by moment, and make it a daily habit.

Check out my #dailyfix on youtube to get a good start!

Live Loud!

Tanja Djelevic