Feeling good is just a few movements away

Sunny Santa Monica!

Sunny Santa Monica!

As coaches and practitioners, we have a pretty big job to do. It is basically my job to assess the situation at hand, listen to wants and desires from clients, and then craft a doable, efficient and sustainable (and pretty detailed) program that is not only focused on wants but most certainly needs.

The way I personally train, think and do might be the complete opposite of how me and said client will craft the journey for them, moving forward. This place, I think is the place when many things can go a bit south! This is often the problem with one-size-fits-all class or app training, where the individual needs on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual aren’t adressed. Results may vary of course. The fact is that even people like me, who has this a job, needs a guide, practitioner and professional, who can help move things forward in the most efficient way. This is the big journey!

But there is a smaller, more quick fix-y, road to take on an every day basis. The one that makes you feel good in the moment. The one that works almost wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. The one that is a guaranteed pick-me-up. Set aside all goals and pressures for just one second, and just move.

Movement is the quick-fix! It’s not the daunting taks, it’s the saving grace. Despite us knowing that 20 minutes of intermediate movement today, changes brain chemistry, the knowledge of that fact does less for me than JUST MOVING for 10 min. It doesn’t even matter what you pick, as long as it is something that you’re picking for a feel good vibe. Yoga? Sure! A run? Great! Dancing? I mean REALLY?

I’m happy to announce a few weekend retreats, where I can share my gifts and maybe get us moving. There is also a longer one, and some really nice surprises throughout the year coming up. Check back to this space for more info, and remember: Feeling Good Is Just A Few Movements Away!

Tanja Djelevic