Thoughts from not-so-sunny Cali

Laguna Beach

The picture doesn’t represent the pour down we are having these days. It has literally been raining monsoon rains for week, with a break for the famous serotonin altering sun shine here and there. As an official proud to be Californian, I have to admit that we NEED the water supply, so I’ll take my whiny song and go elsewhere with it.

Speaking of sunshine, study after study is now proving sunshine to be a mood altering hero. Not only because it affects our ability to make vitamin D, but also as bright light in fact improves serotonin activity. We have known it, but you know: do we reeeeally believe it? Well, you better!! Any happy Californian cow knows it for a fact.

The other mood boosting hero is (yes you guessed it) exercise! I wrote about it a bit in the last blog, just because I can’t help myself, but ok I’ll say it again: moderate exercise for at least 20 min per day is as effective to treat mild depression, as chemical anti depressants. It has been proven over and over again, and that makes my whole body tingle!

Can you then imagine what would happen if you’d bounce around in the sunshine? Movement therapy to the max! You don’t have to be any kind of scholar and scientist to realize this though. all you have to do is turn on your senses, and meet the sunshine and your movement with an open mind.

Feel the sun on your skin

Soak up the energy in the air

Apply any movement

Stay a while


Spring is about to spring-stay tuned for retreat info coming up (so we can move in the sun together!) I mean if this rain could stop for a second…

Live Loud!

Tanja Djelevic