Michelle Krusiec - Actress, Writer, Artist

Tanja has the healthiest, most realistic approach to living healthy and staying fit. Plus she makes me laugh. She also showed me how to run cool for Fringe. (Tuck in your elbows when you run.) And when it comes to being nude on camera, I would say it has less to do with how you look and more to do with your relationship to your own body. It can bring up a lot of issues for people and Tanja has always espoused true inner confidence as opposed to just a presented physical one. Her exercises are mental challenges sometimes and I prefer that to boring machines.

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Jack Turner - Actor

Tanja is so knowledgable and educated in so many physical and psychological disciplines. But, her real strength lies in her ability to adapt and personalize programs to crush her clients' individual goals. Everything is bespoke and prepared, and her clients reap the physical and spiritual benefits.

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Vanessa Villalovos - Actress

Tanja’s energy is electric and magnetic. Her class is an explosive, high energy butt kicker! Incorporating body, breath, mind and soul, Tanja leads me to challenge myself to go farther than I think possible. She fearlessly leads me to use every fiber of muscle and my being, to move and use it all because I can! "

Keith Irace - Equinox, Vice President for Group Fitness

Tanja Djelevic is a bright light in the landscape of fitness. For as long as we have known each other she has been at the forefront of enlightened results-oriented training and the exploration of healthy living as a culture for both her clients and herself. Tanja’s unique combination of vast training knowledge and intelligent coaching tempered with her adventurous spirit and good humor make her truly – one of the very best in the fitness industry.

Kendell Hogan - Crunch, Regional Group Fitness Director - West Coast

The passion and enthusiasm that Tanja has for fitness, is evident in every class she teaches. Even in a jam packed class, she has the ability to make every individual feel special. She has that rare talent and skill that no amount of training or certification can provide. I am appreciative and grateful for the contributions she has made and continues to make to my program at Crunch.

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