Best Fall Soups (4th Edition)

As I said before soups are a great way to get all your vegetables for the day in one serving, not to mention it keeps you full longer and is usually on the low-calorie side of meals. What I haven't talked about yet are other health benefits. 

This weeks twist on the all time favorite Chicken Noodle Soup is especially great for you! Chicken Noodle Soup might have been your go-to recipe during flu season, but it's actually proven to ease cold symptoms! I'm serious. The ingredients in the soup slow down white blood cells from gathering in the lungs, therefore slowing the progress of irritating side effects, like coughing, sneezing, and that annoying stuffy nose! In addition the soup keeps you hydrated and is filled with vital nutrients that should get you back on track. 

Rosemary Chicken Noodle Soup 

What I love about this version of the all time classic is the added Rosemary. Most Chicken Noodle Soup recipes have a little bit of rosemary and thyme in it, but this one is rosemary all the way and adds a little kick to the flavor. 

The other amazing thing is, start to finish this only takes about 30 minutes! So get cooking! You can get the whole recipe at GIMME SOME OVEN!

Tanja Djelevic