(Election Day) Soup - Fall Soups 3rd Edition

It's Election day dear friends and I hope and implore you to make use of your right on this very important day. Meanwhile this little soup will warm and strengthen you from the inside out because, guess what, BACON! One of the most American things ever is blended right into the hearty butternut squash soup and gives it a special and delicious taste. Now you might think "Bacon isn't very healthy", which you would be right about but, as with everything - it doesn't hurt in moderation. This soup might taste very rich but it's still under 300 calories per serving and if you want to make a "lighter" version, you can omit the bacon or replace the goat cheese with low-fat greek yogurt. But if you are a stickler with your diet in general, go ahead and treat yourself to a little bit of bacon - I promise it'll be fun!

Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup

The secret is simple but very crucial to make this soup what it is is. It’s the process of roasting the butternut squash with bacon, and then blending them right up. That way, you have that smoky bacon goodness built right into the soup.

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Tanja Djelevic