Instant Gratification Detox!

How many times have you felt like a train wreck, needing to make changes in your life, looked up the trendiest diet and training fad on Pinterest, went all in for 4 whole weeks, had instant results just to crash and burn short there after? The dieting gave results quickly!! That feels GOOOOOD! The super sweaty fitness program gave you heart palpitations and a sore ass. That feels GOOOOD! It MUST be working. And it does work, for a very short, teeny, weeny, period of time. You thrive for about a month or two. Ok I'll give you 3. Just enough for the summer to come around and pass. Shorts season. Bikini body. Words like slim, skinny, sexy, and get ready in every single magazine, Instagram post and Facebook feed. No wonder we feel the pressure to do SOMETHING and do it FAST!

I hate to break it to you: It doesn't work. It just doesn't. Its not sustainable, human, healthy, not to talk about necessarily psychologically healthy to go through this cycle over and over again. Physically the body will also shut down after a few rounds of this type of torture, but while we are in the metamorphosis of the instant gratification and change, we don't think of the consequences. We just GOOOOOOO! The fact is that the physical body will go through so much stress during a period of this malnourishment, solicited fight-or-flight response, that it will have a hard time bouncing back. And for each time the cycle repeats, the further away from our true health and wellness we travel.

Thats not the kind of travel I envision when I hear T R A V E L!! (I'm more like: beach, sandy toes, tequila, bring it on!) Sorry, got lost for a second there. 

Wouldn't it be cool to stop torturing your body with bad and extreme food and movement habits and mindset, and start treating it like you LOVE it instead? Move like you want to feel, and eat to nourish and feel amazing? No over training, under eating, polluting the body and mind with instant gratification, but instead making LASTING changes and tapping into the WONDER of you? Instead of crash dieting, actually learning what works for you, and creating a sustainable habit...of FOOD LOVE? Instead of training until you almost fall apart, train to create strength, suppleness, the feeling of being sexy in your own skin? 

This transformation is possible. It is available to you. It is as scientific as rocket science, and as soul nourishing as a hug from someone you love. Maybe you can make that someone be You? If you're interested in putting the time in, and actually giving yourself the gift of Lifeforce, send me a note hereI will tell you like it is. No holding back. I will guide you and give you the tools you need for a long lasting love affair with yourself and your wellness. We can do all of this in person or on long distance. The coaching process involves YOUR effort and my GUIDANCE and EXPERTISE. We don't do a quick fix, instant gratification, one-night-stand. We get deep, commit, and reap ALL the benefits from the effort and engagement. Now THAT works.

Live Loud!

Tanja Djelevic