Movement (Can Be Your) Therapy

It somehow feels like a redundant statement at this point. That movement can heal. I'd say that there are actual studies done on how movement can prevent us from getting sick, but that it actually heals is a greater statement. Before I drag in the scientific studies that support my claim, I want to start at the other end.

Try this:

- Pick out your favorite song on your player of choice

- Play it loud

- Dance! Let yourself go! Bounce around for the whole duration of the song!

- How do you feel?

At this point there are new sensations going through your body. Whether they are euphoric, happy in memory of what that song means to you, or you're exhausted from the energetic combustion, it just made your body change from one emotional and physical state to another. By moving! If you were your own case study you could, by testing on yourself, prove that there were changes in heart rate, mood, state of mind. Pretty neat!

Now try this:

- Do a yoga sun salute where every inhale and exhale corresponds to one movement

- Reaching areas over head, inhale AND exhale

- Folding forward in rag doll, inhale AND exhale

- Move slowly and gently and allow the movement to dance with the breath

- How do you feel?

If we can create changes on the body by moving, how do those changes affect our bodies back? Can they be healing? Just dancing to your favorite song can give you such satisfaction, that you can heal a sad day or a moment of anxiety. You can use it as an instant energy changer! If that isn't revolutionary to us on a human level, I'm not sure what is. Vigorous exercise has been proven to be equally efficient as antidepressant medication for light and intermediate depression. Antidepressants come with SO MANY MORE side effects, but are easier to take of course. But movement is free! And the side effects are to feel strong and energetic. Not a bad option.

In his book, The Real Happy Pill, Anders Hansen brings up how intermediate cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes per day, keeps the brain functioning high while we are aging. (Did I say exercise is in essence free??) Anders writes about how throughout evolution, the most important function of the brain has been to make us move. For a reason! The brains needs you to move to stay healthy. With that in-perspective, we are just tapping into the vast knowledge of what the romantic and symbiotic relationship between the movement of the body and the functioning of the brain really is. (Isn't this exciting??)

Check out Anders book HERE

Now try this:

- Watch this video:

Need I say more?

Live Loud!!

Tanja Djelevic