Training for Life

This past weekend me and my Lover, capital L, had an adventure in the Sequoia National Park here in California. By the way, my Lover has a name, Jack and I'm forever attached to the sound of it! Well, a brit and a swede packed the car and headed to the AirBnB cabin by the river we had rented for the weekend. Because we think more about what food to bring and eat, a solid and balanced mix of everything we were craving (brioche, kombucha, beer and bananas), we missed the fact that going to a California national park in the summer might be the worst idea. Ever. 

As we at the destination, jumped out of the exquisitely tempered car, the 105 F wall of heat hit us right in the faces. This was not a good sign.

The weekend ended up being really beautiful, with a cool drive through the big tree forest and the best plate of eggs and collard greens I've ever had, even though we packed out little bags and headed back early. The cabin we rented might as well not have had an air conditioner at all. It was obsolete. 

When I put my hours into training and mind into staying as healthy as I can, this is what Im training for. Not 105F :), but to be able to travel and do active things, in essence to have the adventures of my life. I can run though a new village or city to explore it, I can climb the mountains and swim the oceans, and bike the roads. I can find a yogi in every single city and get connected to the mindfulness of kindess and peace. It gives me the most value of anything I do on a regular basis, because it keeps me healthy, alive and awake to see my loved ones all around the world. 

It IS fun to train for an event, but think about it: a lot of people sign up for the event of their lives, a marathon, and see the world  through the event. Check out these spots for your marathons!

  1. Napa Valley Marathon
  2. Virgin Money London Marathon
  3. Big Sur International Marathon
  4. Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel
  5. Big Five Marathon, Limpopo, South Africa

Life is my motivation to move, eat, sleep and enjoy consciously. There is nothing else. When you feel good and healthy, everything else is easier. Cherish your body, mind, spirit, on a daily basis, and see what happens! Please share your thought and feelings with me HERE

Live Loud!


Tanja Djelevic