Feel-Good Is Closer Than You Think

Somehow saying that it's a right of ours to live a pain free life, is like taking our every day lifestyle for granted. We all strive to feel good, have fun and to not be distracted by every day pain, and anxieties. What if I said that we become lucky buggers when we realize that feel-good actually is closer than we think it is? The best moments can be distracted by low energy or body aches and pains, and when that happens we just get torn away from that thing that would make us feel better: complete flow and fun times in that moment! We can fix this on a daily basis with just a few easy tools, that are available to us. For free! Did I say free? YES! FREE!


Ok let's get into this: I'm talking about how we can help ourselves to feel better and live a better everyday, mundane or not-so-mundane life, without being distracted by some of the things we can actually do something about. 

Example: "Running makes me feel amazing and in my body, but lately my knees have been aching so I can't run as much." Maybe running without prepping the joint and appropriate muscles have tightened your IT band and surrounding tissues so much that the knees are showing the aches? Your #dailyFix is to foam roll the IT band (that thick, fibrous tissue on the side of your thigh), a few minutes every day. In addition to that, roll the foot on some massage balls, and do static and dynamic stretches for inner thigh, back of thigh and a few strengthening exercises for the gluteus and quad. Give it 2 weeks, adjust your running schedule and see what happens, any relief?


Example: "I want to play with my 5 year old, but after work I simply don't have any energy left. It's making me sad and depressed!" Maybe poor energy management, and poor diet is the culprit?  Movement is proven to increase energy! Your #dailyFix is to, with family-time as your motivator, commit to a 20 min brisk walk every day for the next 4 weeks. It doesn't matter when it takes place, but a great way to do it is to actually schedule it. In addition to that add some potent veggies to your diet every day. Make a green super smoothie to increase energy and healthy calorie intake. Food Is Life! If there is nothing else more "serious" going on (like disease or a serious depression), this could help you on the way to gaining more energy, so that you can take that hour after work and have playtime with your kid! 

Free Green Smoothie Recipe & Pantry Tips

How amazing is that? If you stay tuned and keep up with me, I'll be giving you a free #dailyFix that might be just what you need! And did I say it's free? I really just want you to feel good and give yourself the chance to live a little deeper. So you bring the follow-through, and I'll provide the tools!? Cool?

Share with me what your concern is, and it will give me ideas on a #dailyFix that might get you on your way!

Live Loud!

Tanja Djelevic