SEXY BACK #dailyfix

In case you missed the series - here’s the entire playlist and recap of my SEXY BACK Dailyfix!


Did you know that in order to feel good in your back, you actually have to create some freedom in your lats, chest and shoulders. If there isn’t enough freedom to move in these places, the body is going to try and move from other places, and very often that is what causes tightness, pain and or both. 

Remember that when an area feels tight, it’s NOT the actual problem, it’s the symptom of something that has been going on for a while. Usually they are working hard to try and stabilize a system.

The next few days of #dailyfix helps you soften that sexy back, and hopefully help you feel like you have sultry, sexy and free (like butterflies) vertebrae.  And no pain the the neckRemember that your unique situation is a combination of your general daily movements, strengths, weaknesses, what environment you are moving in. Your particularly peculiar predicament might be something completely different, and then all this general softening of the back might not work at all! If you have any Q’s email me at:

Exercises and comments inspired by @mobilitywod, @themovementmaestro, @naprapatjonas Thank you for your expertise and great IG accounts!

Always consult a professional to find out if this is suitable for you!

The first video is featured below - the entire playlist is HERE!

Day 1

Tanja Djelevic