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Yoga with a View

Yoga with a View

Me and my bf dared to steal a get away for a few days recently. Isn’t it nuts how it takes a few days to even feel like it’s ok to take some time off from the grind? I know in my head that I’m a better practitioner, coach, person and human, when I’m a bit rested and have had some quiet time, so why the guilt trip?

When I coach my moms, that little thing of allowing oneself to take care of mom, is such a big journey. But when it sinks in, that in-fact we all need self care time to function from a good place in the heart, the benefits are endless!

So to not be a hypocrite, when my 24 hours of vacation guilt has passed, I thoroughly enjoy every single bit of R&R I get. I’m grateful that I give myself that gift. anda margarita or two.


But nevertheless. often when I travel, I get inspired by my surroundings, and I want to create something to give you. This time I put together a series of #dailyfix, that you can do separate of each other, or of course together for better mobility and joint. health. Just a few rounds of these will make you feel more “freedom” in movement.


I’ll put them up on my youtube channel, as soon as I have manicured them a bit for you!

Also feel free to come with requests on what you’d like to see on the channel.

Live and Love Loud!

Tanja Djelevic