You are what you eat, and eat how you feel!

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I’ve been doing A LOT of pondering (and studying) lately about what drives our food behavior, and food choices. It’s not just a super hot topic, but also pertinent to, literally, everything. Food’s just hot right now! The sound-bytes and media information are quick to throw instant gratification and quick fix tips at us, about how to get a handle on that diet, and MOST of them will drive you in a specific direction about some sort of food restrictive, short term approach, which WILL work for the time being, but rarely works in the long run. Also, all of the promises that these dietary restrictions (or non-restrictions) will somehow benefit the environment, another hot topic, is at best only true to a lesser extent. Well firstly, unless you’re super duper un-informed you know that quick fix diets are pretty bad. And then secondly, in this jungle of information, how will you be able to know what really works for you?

Even though it’s a well known fact, the daunting task of actually taking the long route to eating healthy, is a BIG DEAL. Who has time to wait and do the work that really addresses the issue, and opens up a greater freedom of choices and behaviors around food? I know, not you! It’s too time consuming right?

what would you say if I promised you that you can un-learn the bad habits, and create new ones around food that will give you a taste of all the things you like to do and like to eat? Let me tell you about my diet! It’s NOT a keto, paleo, vegetarian, vegan etc anything. I don’t count calories, and I have my share of delicious ice cream and cake. Oh and wine. Oh and when I go to Sweden I have kanelbulle which is terribly delicious and made of HELL ON EARTH (butter, flour, sugar). Yup. Sorry. I do that.

How can I do that? Without feeling that it will ruin me, impede my progress and have guilt? I mean, it’s not even the green lighted sweets like raw food bars and balls. Although when I think of it, I like balls too. But how can I be very happy with my healthy life progress, and still enjoy some of the things I lobe themes from time to time?

I DO have the answer to that question. I literally live the method that I teach, and it brings me joy, freedom, health, a body that works and that I’m proud of. I would dare to say that it’s the only things that works longterm. A few of the things I have the audacity to do, are to:

-Eat well 80% of the time.

-Go nuts 20% :)

-Practice my eating habits so often that my brain finds them before it finds the BAD food habits.

-BAD is sexy and yummy, and it satisfies the reward center, so THIS PART IS HARD

-Eat the rainbow! Mostly greens, nuts, seeds, plants and legumes.

-Eat everything sometimes

I know it sounds absolutely CRAZY. But it’s absolutely REAL. These are only a handful of the things I’ll teach you about when you do the Behavioral Nutrition Coaching program with me. We will take our time. You will get ALL the help you nee and deserve. The outcome is absolutely amazing.

Just imagine a world where you feel confident about all the health choices you’re making! We can help not just ourselves on a deep nutritional level, but also our surroundings by eating less food, creating less food waste, choosing sustainable options and by making the effort, paying it forwards, backwards, and sideways!

Send me a note if you want to know more, or if you just feel read SIGN UP! I’m here for you. The next few spots will open up Monday July 29.

Live Loud!

Tanja Djelevic