Secret Ingredients to Living Loud!


What is it that gets us so exhausted and drained? Do we have a hand in the game or is it just the circumstances that come with living busy lives that are responsible for our fatigue, burnout, or stagnation? I don’t think anyone is exempt from this thing called Life, were right in the middle of it, and least of all myself. That’s why I wanted to share with you what lifeforce and Living Loud means to me. If you want to dive even deeper into the subject and find out more, come and check out my lecture during Workout Are.

As for myself, I’ve always taken on too much responsibility, it just has been a pattern for me ever since growing up as a kid. I used to see storm clouds forming quickly and ended up going through life with quite a lot of fear mixed with anxiety. But my deep desire for adventure and vitality was buried somewhere deep beneath all that fear. What ended up finally bringing my passions and desires to the surface were milestones that I’d reached over time. At times reaching those milestones was deeply painful and in some instances coming out of dark moments. It was almost like I had no other alternative but to reach for the sun by freeing myself from my own attitude, that was created since I was a child.

My journey through this life, fueled by my curiosity, has pushed me in the direction of wanting to live more! You really have to take advantage of all the moments you live through and the people you meet. Cultivate a deep and passionate desire to engage in ones own life. Can you train your brain and your heart to see the world in a different light than what you have experienced since childhood? And if yes, how? Are there any tools that just anyone can learn and apply or is this some sort of life hack secret only certain souls can share?

Tanja Djelevic