Sharpening My Coaching Skills

I'm embarking on a new journey! As I'm truly passionate about my job, but also pretty passionate about keeping my brain oiled. I continue my education within my field, and add to the knowledge like a little curious monkey of sorts. I know I can be a better coach if I do, and I never really feel like I'm done learning. I'm also find myself perplexed that exercise enough is NOT in-fact enough to keep the old brain fresh! Speaking of what exercise does to the brain, read my blog HERE about what the real story is on that! 

For the next few months I'm adding to the data base of Tanja, with Precision Nutrition and their Pro Nutritional Coaching Program. For the longest time, I have coached my own clients with a holistic approach, meaning food and diet is a part of us, and can make us and our surroundings better! Finally I've found the greatest resource to deepen my knowledge that is based both in scientific studies AND in behavioral coaching. I've already skipped around with joy after reading things like "food is smart, and so is your body" and "good nutrition is sustainable for both ourselves and the planet" and am thrilled to share the learnings with you!

I find that the best way to keep myself motivated about my work, and life in general is to be curious without end. If we're curious, we can never ever be bored. Are you bored yet?

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