"How much to eat" 101!


It is of course so difficult to find a way out of the nutrition forrest. Most of all because the information we receive from the buzz world around us, is full of buzz words! The facts are the only thing that is conclusive:

-we are all different, unique beings

-we have different needs due to how we live and who we are

-athletes don’t have the same nutritional needs as a sedentary person

-not one way, idea or method works the same for everyone (no matter what the buzz says)

-most of us already have a complicated relationship with food

-following a rigid diet WORKS, but only for a short while and THEN the diet has to change to something else most likely restrictive (and down the rabbit hole we go)

-the absolutely best thing is to learn what works for YOUR body and create a long lasting health solution

This all might seem so relative, and that is because IT IS. With me as your coach, I’ll guide you towards finding that perfect sweet spot (no pun) for the unique you. We find the foods, the timing, the intervals, the supplements that works for the very special and wonderful person YOU are. A plan that adds to your life, and doesn’t take away. That is the secret sauce! Without the calories!

Until you and I get together, find more information on my website!

Live Loud!

Tanja Djelevic