UH OH scary FOOD times are a-coming

The holidays are at our doorstep, and even though this is the to make this time for love and peace i.e a pleasant time of the year, its FILLED with the scary boos for a lot of people. Not only is this time full of anxiety about too much family time or alone time, but many people have anxieties about how much food will be consumed and annihilated. I HEAR YOU! I really get stressed out just knowing all of this has to be a big deal. 

I say lets make the best out of it, and boycott the musts. I know some things just have to be done, but daring to let go of expectations, your own and other peoples, just makes so much creative space for other things to arrive. Here are a few little things and thoughts that might be helpful on the way into the weekend of Trick or Treat!

Set up a fun tradition for the season! Creating a new tradition that only you and your family or friends do can be the things that takes you out of the rut of anxious holiday routine. Is it having a "Scariest Dance" competition for Halloween? Or doing a group walk and meditation for Thanksgiving morning before the stress about making food begins? The time around Thanksgiving is an amazing time to volunteer in a soup kitchen for a few hours. Here are a few paces in the city o fLA where you can help out: 

For L.A Kitchen visit HERE

For Feeding America click HERE

OR if you want to see what else is out there, go on VolunteerMatch to see where you can help best. 

Add 30 days of Gratitude in November! There is nothing that ignites your Life-force like gratitude does. Wake up, remember 5 things you're grateful for even before getting out of bed. Make a little habit in November, and maybe it will follow you the whole year, not just on Thanksgiving day. Takes the edge off a bit doesn't it?

Do something active before or after the big meals! Go for a walk, put on some music and dance, do your favorite digital workout and get the whole group to join in for fun. If you don't have one, get it HERE.

Give yourself a break and don't feel bad if you just don't want to do the things you think you are supposed to do.The most important thing is really to share love, have fun, and relax.

YOU DON'T have to eat differently than you usually do. You are the captain of your ship! Fill your house and belly with good choices and have a smaller taste of the things that are not super healthy. Remember that a meal or two will not change your over-all health and fitness, it will probably just make you pass out on the couch. And if you do: enjoy the nap!

If all of this sounds like too much for you, please let me coach you HERE!

Live Loud!

Tanja Djelevic