Week 7 (10 Week Coaching Program): How to get back up!

Falling off the Wagon and how to Get back Up!

It happens to ALL OF US! After implementing a new program, deciding to brake patterns and ReStarting a new LifeForce, we will, inevitably Fall Off The Wagon. Drop The Ball. Whatever you may call it. In the 10 Week Coaching Program that you find here, we spend a hole lesson and a week on learning implementing the practical and behavioral tools necessary to help get back up again and here is a taste 

When you Fall, to catch yourself again:

In Your Body: Break the Negative feeling of failure with an Activation of the whole body!! Dance,Walk, Swim, Jump. Whatever is possible in that moment. Intercept the bad energy you are feeling.

In Your Head: Go Back to your Inspiraional List. Why are you trying to do this in the First Place?

In Your Heart: Give yourself time to mourn the loss, and then be in silence. Rest. You will have GREAT energy to start back again!!

Here is an inspirational website for you to help on the way!!

Tanja Djelevic