Week 8 (10 Week Coaching Program): Water

Water is the one of the Greatest Necessities on an every day basis. It serves our body whether it is in the inside of it or outside. One can say it is Magical, and we are blessed to live somewhere where it is clean and plentiful. We can use it as therapeutic workout when injured, and still get he greatest effects without the impact on joints, it gives us Life, and it can serve as a Meditative tool, whether its just through listening to it, or its using it in out Meditation.  Here a a few simple ideas on Water. More in the 10 Week Coaching Program here.

In Your Head: Be present with your body and breath while swimming or just moving in the water.

In your Body: Challenge yourself with a pool workout or a swim! enjoy with all your senses and pay attention to how it makes you feel after. Different?

In Your Heart: Know that Water is the cradle of all life. Does it make you feel Invigorated?

Tanja Djelevic